Joining - California

1. Review the requirements and process for joining contained on this page. Also read the Security Guard Fact Sheet . If this seems like something you would like to do, move forward to the next steps.

2. To get started in our agent selection and hiring process, please go here and fill out our online application:
You will hear back from us on if you qualify, or with questions about your application. When and if you get the go ahead, move on to the next steps below.

3. Get a background check (LiveScan) *NOTE: Even if you have done a LiveScan recently or have one on file, you need to get this done specifically for your Guard Card:

  1. Complete and print the LiveScan paperwork (you do not need to fill in employer info, just personal info)

  2. Go to a LiveScan office (any in California) and undergo a LiveScan

  3. Be sure that the LiveScan operator fills out the ATI# on your paperwork

  4. Retain your copy of the signed LiveScan paperwork

4. Attend a training:
The full training required by the state to get your Guard Card is 40 hours. The training is broken up into 3 sections: one 8 hour, and two 16 hour. You only need to complete the first 8 hour Power to Arrest training to start work with us. You must also complete the first 16 hours within 30 days of getting your guard card, and the final 16 hour within 6 months.There are many online and in person options for training. Below are a couple options we can recommend:
Online Certification Services
My Security Training

In addition, free of charge, High Rock Security will train you in our protocols, methods, and expectations, and we will provide you with mentors during your first few shifts.

5. Fill out an online application to get your Guard Card.

6. Complete your hire paperwork:
We will send you an email with the hire paperwork and requested info. It can take 4  – 6 weeks for you application to process. Once cleared, you must provide High Rock with a copy of your guard card or a screen shot of the BSIS page indicating your license is cleared before you start work.

7. The final bits:
Take the High Rock orientation before your first shift Mentor with an experienced High Rock agent during your first shift.


Your Up Front cost

The APPROXIMATE COST to obtain your guard card (prices may change or vary):
~$20 for the fee charged at the LiveScan site (prices vary; some places don’t charge at all)
$32 DOJ fingerprint processing fee
$17 FBI fee
$50 Security Guard Application Fee
Training ~$20 (for just the Power to Arrest)- ~$90 (for full 40 hours)
Total cost= ~ $139 – $209


Our Events Calendar:

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High Rock Security is an equal opportunity employer.

If you have any questions, you can contact us at

We look forward to having you on the High Rock Team!